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Boca Raton, FL – Every year more Americans work from home and small business owners struggle to take time off to go on vacation. According to the 2004 American Interactive Consumer Survey, more than 44 million Americans worked from home in 2004. Two virtual office veterans, adept at finding convenient and affordable ways to stay connected and work efficiently during trips, recently launched the After working remotely during trips or extended stays for years from various parts of the U.S., Europe, Australia and Asia and sharing their findings with friends and colleagues; they decided offer a public forum for other like minded virtual office oriented travelers to share information and discuss remote working options.

Many telecommuters are unable to travel and work efficiently or to enjoy a get-away with their families without worrying about leaving their businesses and work responsibilities behind. As technology has evolved, it has become increasingly possible to work remotely and stay connected during leisure and business trips. New technology, such as broadband (work at home broadband use increased 84 percent from 2003 to 2004) opens a world of options for work-at-home employees, small business owners, students, and anyone working from an at-home or virtual office.

“A virtual office allows business travelers, small business owners and many others to work remotely. I used to find working while on a trip frustrating and expensive. Now, working remotely allows me the freedom to work and enjoy my stay at a remote location seamlessly,” said founder Gary Cox. provides practical information for telecommuters interested in a traveling office including issues relating to networking, telephony, faxing, wireless LAN’s, portable entertainment, storage devices and more. It also serves as a virtual forum for stay-at- home workers, small business owners needing to stay in touch when on the road and anyone else who travels and wants or needs to work during their trips.
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